Buck’s Resilient Bride


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Ever since losing her husband eight years ago, Violet Wilmington has struggled to raise her two children, especially after her parents passed on as well. When her friend offers to contact Agatha Sinclair, a matchmaker in Chicago, she is overjoyed with the prospect of marrying again. What’s more, livery owner Buck Sloane seems to be the perfect match for her. But when she arrives in Montana to meet him, nothing is as it is supposed to be.

Buck isn’t a liveryman, but the new sheriff.

And the former sheriff was her long-lost husband, who ran off and married another woman. Now he’s dead, and he left two more children that Violet didn’t know about with his passing…

Buck Sloane hasn’t been the sheriff of Virginia City for long. But with the previous sheriff dead, he figures he’d better step up and keep this boomtown from exploding—either from hot tempers or dynamite—especially since he’s now responsible for the dead man’s children. What he needs is a wife, and quick. But he wants a wise and formidable woman, one who can hold her own in this rough town. Not a hothouse flower who will wither and die at the earliest hint of trouble. When Buck receives news that Agatha Sinclair has matched him with Violet, and that Violet is just now discovering her first husband’s betrayal, he fully expects her to indeed wither and die.

Can Violet learn to trust another man? Will she open her heart and love the children her unfaithful husband left behind? And will Buck see that Violet, whose inimitable beauty is as delicate as her name, carries an admirable resilience through her pain?