Christmas at Wildhearst Manor


The day after I learn I’m cancer free, tragedy strikes my family, and I inherit my sister’s adorable daughters.

Making ends meet is difficult until Lord Wildhearst invites me and the girls to move to his estate so that I can be his nurse.

The manor has seen better days, but the old man is determined to return the place to its former glory.

Since this will be his last Christmas, I’ll do anything to lift his spirits. Even if that means helping him reconcile with his estranged grandson Bryant.

The man is hot. A movie star, and it’s all I can do to ignore the way he flirts with me. I have to remain professional. I can’t let myself be taken in by that chiseled jaw or those sparkling blue eyes.

But It’s hard not to fall for a guy who caters to the whims of your five and seven-year-old nieces. Gives amazing foot rubs. Pulls together a magical Christmas in a matter of weeks. And remembers the anniversary of your world tipping upside down.

Bryant might be one of a kind, but I need to remember, this fairytale prince is only here for the holidays…