Co-Exist: Rise of the Zombies


Humans vs. sentient zombies. Whose side are you on?

Gripping, horrifying, packed with action and twists. Experience a broken world through the eyes of a sentient zombie. This post-apocalyptic/dystopian romance thriller will make you cry, laugh, and maybe even root for the flesh-eaters.

Double shifts and burnout are all in a day’s work for Nurse Megan Cole. No one’s going to die on her watch. Then a viral apocalypse kills all her patients and turns her into a sentient zombie, forcing her to re-evaluate both her life goals and dietary habits.

Fast-forward a year, the city is ruled by the ruthless Salt Lake Z Council. But with her boyfriend Mike by her side, things are okay—until the Council sends Mike to infiltrate the army. When Megan discovers a mangled corpse days later, her world—and the illusions around it—shatter.

Don Meier, the nation’s top surviving scientist, is close to finding an antidote. However, the final test run is a disaster. The Council gets wind of the ‘cure’ and imposes their sinister agenda under the guise of salvation.

Smack in the middle of mayhem are Megan and her new found friends,' a motley crew of conscientious Zegans. While they try to prevent the Council from destroying their only hope, Don risks his wife and son’s safety to unravel a military conspiracy.

It's a frantic race for Megan and Don to rescue humanity before ther's nobody left to save.