Craving Midnight


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Samantha Day is definitely not a risk-taker. At least, not until the night she kisses her unattainable crush, and that kiss does something strange to her. Now she feels hungry all the time, but it's not for food. Her cravings are much darker than that, and far more frightening.

Only Bishop, a mysterious guy with unearthly blue eyes, seems to understand what's happening to her. He's the one chance Samantha has to stop the danger that's closing in around her. But it might mean losing everything she's ever wanted and embracing the darkness inside of her.

Praise for Michelle Rowen's books:

“Sassy and smart, engrossing and exhilarating! Rowen’s tale of forbidden love and staying true to one’s self (even if you have horns) will have readers screaming for more.” —NYT bestselling author Z Brewer

“Michelle Rowen never disappoints! I love her work!” – NYT Bestselling Author Gena Showalter