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Crow, son of the former president of the Devil’s Murder MC, is determined to avenge his father’s death and repair the broken club left behind.
He’s returned home to take his place as president and hunt down those responsible for Rook’s murder.
Stopping at a bar on the way back to reclaim his position in the club, he encounters a pretty redhead in a whole heap of trouble.
Crow can’t resist helping out a woman in need, and his protective instincts kick in.
Bella’s searching for her missing sister and desperate for help, even if that means getting close to a dangerous biker.
For reasons Crow can’t quite figure out, she makes him want more than life as an outlaw.
Bella insists he’s the only hope for finding her sister, and time is running out.
The feisty redhead isn’t backing down.
Neither are Crow’s enemies.
Nobody threatens the DMMC. His club protects their own.
There’s a reason they’re called a murder, and their bikes ride on the dark wings of circling crows.
It’s an omen of impending death.
No enemy can outrun the Devil’s Murder.