Dagger Quest


The world is on the brink of war, with NATO mobilizing to counter a Russian threat to Poland and Lithuania and leaders openly discussing war options. Meanwhile, a Russian bomber collides with a U.S. fighter off Florida causing the accidental launch of a nuclear-tipped Kinzhal hypersonic missile. Afterward, the Coast Guard cutter Kauai, on a routine patrol, finds a drug-laden sailboat smashed and adrift north of the Florida Keys. The boat’s damage is from a near miss by the Russian missile which has not harmlessly flown deep into the Gulf of Mexico as initially thought, but crashed somewhere in the Keys.

The find draws in a mysterious Defense Intelligence Agency officer, who will oversee the search for the warhead. It also draws the attention of the crime syndicate who were smuggling the drugs on the damaged boat.

Thus, the Coast Guard crew enters a race against a vicious and powerful international crime syndicate to find and recover the Russian nuclear warhead before its discovery can trigger World War III.

Exploring the friendship and teamwork of a typical ship’s crew, in the face of unexpected and hazardous challenges, Dagger Quest provides a fast-paced, taut story – excellent fare for both sea adventures and military thriller fans.

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