Book 2


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A prophecy awaits. A gold statue, six protective shifters, and a fated human are brought together as the present imitates the past…

An ancient goddess awakens. Three thousand years after her death, Mara is finally free, though she never expected to find herself trapped in the body of a human woman. Worse yet? The woman is the one who would succeed her. To regain her rightful throne, Mara must find her Guardians in order to restore her ancient power and exact her revenge. Except the woman Mara has taken over refuses to give up the body without a fight.

A human woman. If it wasn’t bad enough to have a goddess squatting inside trying to steal her body, Ryder Hoffman flees from a madman bent on capturing her. With her three Guardian shifters protecting her, she arrives in Alaska. When she learns no shifter has been born in almost two hundred years, she focuses on her new magical abilities to discover a cure, all while her life is turned upside down with more deliciously solicitous, sexy men, more tattoos, and more powers to fend off the dangerous forces swirling around—and within—her.

Reborn guardians. Fate has called the next three protectors to Ryder’s side: Emmerich Magner is a black leopard, a loner, a gambler, and a sometimes con-man, and though he is disliked by the others, his devotion to Ryder is aligned with theirs; One of the few of his kind remaining, grizzly shifter Markus Two Bears knows he is destined to be a Guardian from the day he sets eyes on the luscious Ryder; Black leopard alpha Waru Swift knows he will commit any act to protect his precious charge but is frustrated waiting for his turn to become a Guardian.

Despite their differences, each Guardian brings a unique gift to fulfill the prophesy of a new goddess, one who will bring hope and prosperity back to the shifter clans. Is Ryder the one foretold…or is she destined to be lost to the goddess craving revenge?

Discovered is the second book in Sharla Wylde's Tree of Life series. If you enjoy urban fantasy, shifters, and strong sexual beings, then you'll love this story!