Dr Grump & The Nanny


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After failing at my acting career search in LA, I never thought I would end up being a nanny.

When I set my eyes on my employer for the very first time, I got mixed feelings about him from the way he welcomed me into his home.

His deep voice sent shivers through my body instantly, but how could such a rude and hot tempered doctor be father to these gorgeous kids?

His past relationships had been a disappointment thus making it hard for him to open up.

As time went by we became closer and the kids warmed up to me.

We struggled to fight off the attraction and the deep feelings blossoming between us.

My mom will kill us if she finds out about our secret relationship as he is her personal doctor and is twice my age.

Now I am pregnant.

We know living without each other is out of the equation, though it seems like all odds are against us