Earl of Weston


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A reluctant earl…
Confirmed bachelor, Edward Hunter returns home after being away for a year on a secret mission for the Crown to find his brother killed, and his father dead from grief. He is now the Earl of Weston, a title he never wanted. While searching for leads in his brother’s murder, he’s forced to attend ton entertainments he normally would have avoided.

A spirited spinster…
Hattie Longbottom is a sheltered spinster who spent her bloom caring for her invalid parent. With the death of her mother, she is forced to leave her home. Because she refuses to separate from her beloved parrot, Archie, her only option is to travel to Eynsham and live with her brother and his family. The journey to his estate shocks Hattie with the harsh realities of life outside her little village. Along the way, and with the help of her vociferous bird, a series of unfortunate mishaps threaten to ruin Hattie and place her on a dangerous path, until Edward Hunter rides into her life.

Can a reluctant earl avenge his brother’s murder and save an adorably sweet spinster in the process?