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Esztergom was the mountain, the fortress city that clung to its rocky sides, and the realm that fell within its shadow. Descendants of the horse-riding tribes from the steppes to the east, Esztergom has endured for a millennia. Ruled by the Ban, the head of a noble family, supplicant to the Vallas, the pantheon of gods that have dominion over their world, ever watchful of the war like Sur, the cursed Anartes, and the god-touched Tuden.

Ten seasons ago, Esztergom, allied with the Tuden, warred against the cursed Anartes and Sabine, the White Queen, a powerful witch intent on destroying the gods and freeing the world from their reign. In the shadows of the northern mountains, the Groosglocks, Sabine was defeated. The world settled into its former ways, the uneasy truce with Tuden, Tuden's ongoing fight at the behest of the gods with the Anartes, the ever present threat of the Sur.

When Merek, the Ground Steward of Esztergom visits the orphanage of Malmock to bring new wood runners to the castle he sets in motion a series of events that could bring the end to not only the three realms, but the very gods themselves.

What happens to a god when a god dies?