Eternal Series Box Set – Books 1 to 4


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Eternal Covenant
Dare To Go Beyond Your Forbidden Dreams
Lured to investigate the appearance of a mysterious Tibetan monk and a missing challis, Cassie discovers this is one mystery she should have left alone. When the monk is murdered she becomes entangled in a deadly underworld war.
Alaric has lived for centuries as a recluse and is comfortable with his lifestyle. It’s simple and quiet…Until Cassie stumbles onto an assassin’s hit list. Without his protection she won’t last a week. But, the complication she brings to his life is more than her fiery temper. His attraction to her is a forbidden temptation he’s helpless to avoid, but claiming his Mate could see him banished to the Underworld.

Eternal Possession
Three Souls, Two Bodies And One Combustible Attraction
Kidnapped and held hostage, Alex doesn't think his day could get any worse. Of course he's wrong. His captor Ahriman, needs a new host body, and Alex's unique DNA makes him the perfect candidate.

Abby is shy and naïve when it comes to relationships, she's also Alex's Mate, or will be if she can find him and complete their blood bond. If she doesn't? He will die!

Then there’s Ahriman. Sure he's an evil fallen angel who enjoys dominating Alex, whose body he now cohabits. But Alex isn't making it easy for him, not with his genius level IQ, and incredibly stubborn and irritating personality. Ahriman needs Alex alive, which means regular contact with Abby. He can handle the sex, the bond between them, not so much. But, how will it end?

Heart of Eternity
Sometimes Destiny Is More Powerful Than The Obstacles Standing In Your Way
For over 800 years Saladin has been a popular bachelor. In fact, the hinges on his revolving door are ready to self-combust. He’s feared and admired, except by Teagan, the one woman whose strength and defiance struck him with an instant attraction. It’s been two years since he last saw and without her, his life has begun to spiral out of control. He can’t feed, can’t sleep, can barely function, even his sanity is in question.

Teagan can’t help the desire the infuriatingly sexy vampire stirs in her. That doesn’t mean she’ll give into her contemptuous hormones. Saladin is dangerous and a complication she doesn’t need. Next in line to carry her family’s curse, she’s gained not only her family’s ancient power, she’s also now #1 on Morganna’s hit list. Staying alive long enough to break the curse, save her sister, defeat Morganna and find a way to be with Saladin, is a juggle of responsibilities and temptations.

Eternal Temptation
When Love Is Blind, Destiny Will Find A Way
As a Buddhist monk, Narayan’s life was simple, disciplined. Just the way he liked it. Two years ago his life changed. He no longer had the monastery to shelter him from the temptations of life, or his vampiric nature. Even so, he was determined to maintain his disciplined lifestyle, including chastity.

Ever the optimist, Paige believes in fairytale endings. That’s until she’s forced to drink an elixir incompatible with her Lycan genetics and her pleasant life turned into a nightmare.

Placed in an impossible position, Narayan must abandon his celibacy to ease her suffering until they can find a cure. But, lowering his self-imposed barriers awakens emotions and the very foundation he’s built his life on, begins to crumble.

Torn between her body’s needs and her guilt for making Narayan break his vow, Paige realises what she really needs from him, is the one thing he can’t offer. His heart.