Falling for the Suitor


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Electrical engineer Bexley knows she’s not like the usual reality show contestants. Even though she signed up for The Suitor on a dare, she’s ready to do whatever it takes to be the last woman standing.

Unfortunately, twenty-five other women have the same goal. Bexley needs to up her game if she wants to make it to the end.

What Bexley never expected was to have a real spark with The Suitor.

Grayson Grant—former player on and off the field, and with the smile that can light up a city—believes in the process of The Suitor. After being sent home heartbroken on his first try, Grayson wants a second chance to get back in the game.

And once he meets Bexley, he wants that second chance to be with her.

But the course of true love never runs straight, especially not on reality TV.

Falling for The Suitor is the second book in the new Suitor Science Series, a charmingly sweet, laugh-out-loud romantic comedy full of sparks and power surges.
You’ll fall for The Suitor!