Fly By Night


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Sarah Bennett is a real estate agent by day and a masked crime fighter at night. She’s her neighborhood’s watch on steroids and has been doing her best at keeping the streets of New Athens City a danger free zone. As a former lab rat injected with the Castor variant, it’s literally in her DNA that she has a perfect mate out there, created by the now defunct Aethor Corporation.

Nick Cross is tired of living in fear. As a Pollux strain variant, he’s been hunted by his enemies for the crime of being able to fly at high speeds and altitudes. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s kill it now before it takes over the world! But Nick never wanted to take over the world. He just wanted a place in it. When the Pollux underground assigned him to get a foothold in New Athens City, he volunteered. If the norms ever decided to decree open season on supes, they had to be ready with a first strike option. He hadn’t counted on meeting the one woman who would both complete him and send his world into chaos.

There are forces at work determined to either send them back to the lab or destroy them. Together, though, Sarah and Nick’s powers have increased and their love could be the only thing that saves them… and the world.