Forever In My Heart

A Contemporary Inspirational Romance


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Are you a Believer ?

Emma Weber knows tragedy. After the death of her husband, she’s left homeless on the streets of New York City. Try as she may to get back on her feet, the system keeps knocking her down. A kind old man named Charlie connects her with a soup kitchen, where she volunteers and meets Julia who invites her home for Thanksgiving dinner. Dr. Jack Bradbury knows tragedy, as well. His wife was mugged and murdered by a homeless drug addict, leaving him unsympathetic and hateful of all homeless people. These two broken souls meet at his mother’s home for Thanksgiving dinner, and sparks fly. At the hospital, Jack’s new physician’s assistant, a clean-cut professional named Charlie, offers him advice on how to heal and move on with his life. Yes, Charlie is a fledgling angel sent down from heaven to pull off a Christmas miracle and earn his golden halo. The impossible goal of getting Jack and Emma together gets complicated when he learns his own son is a homeless drug addict. Charlie’s love for the family he’d left in death, veers him off-mission, jeopardizing his goal, his halo, and even his place in eternity.