Fractured Secrets


Sophie Mathieson is trapped in a mediocre marriage and a mundane job that she hates. She counts the days of her life with numbers instead of calendar days; numbers that correspond with the length of her employment at the Heller Corporation, or as Sophie refers to it, Hellco. On Day 9,680, Sophie begins receiving threatening messages from a mysterious man. Terrified that her husband, Jack, will discover her secret, Sophie must find a way to deal with the faceless man behind the text messages before the life she worked so hard to construct comes tumbling down around her.

Dan Zane is a respected young doctor with a bright future. When the demons from his youth resurface pleading for help, he must choose between the family that abandoned him and his oath to, 'do no harm.' Heeding the call for help may lead to a cure for what ails his family, but in doing so, Dan risks not only his career but his soul.

When Sophie and Dan's lives collide, they discover that they are pawns in a sinister game of secrets and revenge; a game more dangerous and ruthless than either of them imagined. They must learn to trust each other if they hope to survive, but it's difficult to trust when the enemy has no face. Everyone has secrets and sometimes those secrets kill.