Gallery Café Mystery Series Books 1-3


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Lola was enjoying working with her Uncle Iggy at The Gallery Café. He had owned, worked at and built the business for years. Now, under horrible circumstances, it is left to Lola and she must keep The Gallery Café a successful business to make her Uncle proud.

This three book boxset unravels the dark secrets lurking as Lola works to figure out who has committed these murders and why.

Join Lola, her best friend Polly, and her pet rabbit, Tetley, along with new friends and foes as they cook, sip, and solve small town murders in Fawnwood!

Murder in the Gallery

Lola has been working in the Gallery Cafe for her Uncle Iggy for a long time and loves working for her Uncle.

When Uncle Iggy turns up dead, it turns the town upside down. Lola didn’t want to take over the business like this, but this murder meant that someone was trying to take over the gallery.

Investigating with Polly and with the help of Tetley, her pet rabbit, Lola uncovers old secrets, and unexpected suspects, which could put all their lives in danger.

Murder at the Café

Lola reluctantly agrees to take part in a town wide café competition and a win would be great for business. However, it will be very hard to win when a dead body is found in her Café.

Lola’s photo is found on the dead man’s phone and now she is a suspect. But she has never seen that man before in her life.

The cause of death seems to be poison. Was the poison still in the cafe? It could be in the coffee or the flour used for baking. There doesn’t seem to be a way to win that competition now.

Murder in the Fawnwood Museum

Catering a masquerade ball turns into a night with…..murder.

The Gallery Café was hired to cater for the big Fawnwood Museum’s masquerade ball. What fun!

And it was until the museum’s director was found dead right at the bottom of one of the interactive sculptures.

With the help of the handsome security guard, Lola and Polly try to find some answers.

With twists and turns at every corner, The Gallery Café Mystery Boxset is a thrilling series that will keep sleuthing readers on the edge of their seats.