Getting Even

Who Knew Revenge Could Be So Much Fun?


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Of many exes in her past…

…there are three that she can’t get past.

Maybe she should just get even?

Kathy, turning forty, has had it. She’s scunnered. Absolutely scunnered. The last dumping was the last straw. She’s made a decision.

She’s going to make them suffer.

Is she the only rejected woman in Glasgow? No. Revenge as a group effort turns out to be much more fun.

Sheena has a law degree, a shopping and fancy-dress habit, and three mates who dumped Kathy, who lives in the flat above her. Sheena, channelling Dr. Who, figures it out. She thinks Kathy’s lost her marbles. How will she stop her?

Who can she get to help?

This Scottish revenge comedy is a laugh-out-loud romp of twists, turns, and double-crosses!

Click on the book cover to read the first 8 (and a bit) chapters! We're sure you'll love it.