Ghost Town

| Book 1


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Willow was like any other teenage girl, until a fatal car accident left her an orphan and with the ability to see earthbound spirits. Forced to relocate to a small town in Kansas, she moved in with her grandparents, she hoped to just survive the rest of high school. But with ghosts popping up in the middle of class and no one else can see them, Willow was struggling just to keep the gossip at bay.

Making friends when you move to a small town isn't easy, but it's harder when people catch you talking to yourself. So when she starts to make friends with the cute boy that lives near her, she does all she can to keep him and others from finding out her secret.

But her curse can also be a gift. She's found she can make a difference by helping earth bound spirits move on. Yet when she meets one in an old abandoned school, she finds she might have met her match. Can she help him move on or will he be tied to the building forever? And can she keep everyone from finding out that see can see the dead?

"Ghost Town" is the first in a paranormal YA high school mystery series by Krystal Doolittle. Perfect for fans of YA romance and YA paranormal, this short but impactful story will keep you reading until the last page. Also available in Kindle Unlimited.

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