Goddess from the Lost Planet

A Sci-Fi Adventure of Gods and Aliens


When the ancient gods threaten to return to Earth, can a brilliant academician opposing their return keep a step ahead of their wrath?

New York, 2034. Professor David Schubert remains a man adrift two years after the death of his beloved wife until, one day, his interest is piqued by the sudden disappearance of a mosque from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, an event that threatens to bring the world to the brink of destruction. But David, based upon special knowledge provided by a friend who’s now dead, recognizes the mosque’s disappearance as portending the return to Earth of the ancient gods of Sumeria.

When the Pentagon enlists David in opposing the gods’ invasion plans, he finds himself drawn into a global crisis where his own special knowledge and skills might prove to be the key to halting the coming alien invasion. David is sent to track down his dead friend’s missing translations of obscure Sumerian texts, as they may reveal important secrets about the impending return of a lost planet and a war between powerful gods that began thousands of years ago.
As David is increasingly drawn to the beautiful intelligence officer assigned to guard and protect him, his fear grows that their breakneck search from country to country may fail to keep them a step ahead of the otherworldly forces determined to stop him.

Can he puzzle out the truth of these long-departed gods before their return destroys the entire planet?
Goddess from the Lost Planet is the enthralling first book in the science fiction series From Heaven To Earth They Came. If you like dashing and romantic heroes and heroines, action-packed plots, and thrilling suspense, then you'll love Neal Roberts’ historically inspired tale of ancient lore woven into our modern day.

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