Guide to the Best Anti-cancer Foods: Foods to eat to help prevent cancer formation and recurrence, and assist treatment, research-backed


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What should you eat to fight cancer?

Are you trying to prevent cancer? Going through treatment? Trying to stay in remission? Wondering what you can do for yourself that will help you?

Many cancer patients think that the only solution is to rely on the medical profession. But helpful lifestyle changes can help put you back in control and empower you. These can help to improve your quality of life, and inspire you to find ways to return to full health and stay there. Research shows that empowering people helps them with the healing process.
Doctors tend to assume that their patients already know the best foods to eat. Many of them haven’t had much training in nutrition, so they don’t know how to advise them anyway.

It’s a pity because good nutrition could help prevent cancer forming and recurring, and make your journey through the rigours of treatment easier, all resulting in better outcomes for you. According to researchers at the University of Texas, 30-35% of cancer deaths are connected with diet. So come with me on a quick trip around the best foods to eat.
Some of the foods you may have heard help with fighting cancer, but there will be some surprises here. And everything is backed with the research.

Jenny Graves is a leukaemia survivor who qualified as a naturopath after her recovery from treatment. She’s the author of Naturally Supporting Cancer Treatment: Evidence-based ways to help prevent cancer formation and recurrence, and assist treatment.

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