Heart Punched


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Ex-Taekwondo fighter Zach Drake has struggled since the day of this last fight which left him with a nasty head injury. Day after day, he’s battered by a past he can’t recall, and at night, an unknown, dark-haired beauty haunts his dreams. So, imagine Zach’s surprise when this same woman applies to his Taekwondo Academy…

Everleigh Baze is overwhelmed by her life. Leaving her problems behind and studying martial arts for a summer is exactly what she needs. Seeing Zach again, and ignoring her attraction to him won’t be easy, but keeping her distance isn’t an option. All Everleigh can do is hope his memories of her, and what their last meeting cost him, stay lost forever.

Can Zach and Everleigh fight the lies, secrets, and outside forces that threaten their happily ever after? Or are they a heartbeat away from the knockout punch that will destroy them both?

HEA guaranteed. Download this sports romance today and get ready to fall in love with Zach and Everleigh.