Hotter Than Puck


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When my boyfriend trashes my career...

I wind up house-sitting for my brother in Maine. Who can miss my oh-so-hot neighbor moving in? I'm pathetic. I make sure I'm up at the crack of dawn just to watch him jog by the picture window of his mini-mansion. We have an awkward introduction and the next thing I know, I'm on a vacation to a tropical island for "work" before pre-season hockey begins.

Blake doesn't know I need him for research I'm secretly working on for my next career attempt. The next in a string of many career attempts trying to get out from my famous hockey-playing brother's shadow. Besides, my brother got me this gig not knowing who I would be assigned to.

Blake asks me to pose as his fake girlfriend when we realize his ex is on the same island modeling when we attend a charity event. She crashes our dinner date making us put his plan into action. Now, I'm technically 'off the market' with all these hockey hotties walking around for the charity event because we're 'together'.

I'm terrible with details and forget to obtain a special visa which leaves me looking at a rough toss into the gulag if I try to leave St. Barts. But Blake won't go without me because he's a gentleman like that. Our only solution is to get hitched, so we can both make it back to Maine before the first hockey puck flies as training camp is starting. No one needs to know we're married so we strike a deal and all is good. Or is it?

My best-laid plan goes awry because when we step off the plane, the world knows our secret. Our fake marriage becomes a real one in a minute. It's not long before my sponsors come crawling back to me to return to my life as an influencer now that I am married to a famous hockey star. His last name is a commodity they can capitalize on. I can get my old life back! However, when he's away on road trips I miss him. And when he doesn't complain about my cooking disasters, I realize I've fallen hard for this hockey hottie. But has he fallen for me?

Hotter than Puck is an all the feels steamy read when an off-limits romance turns into one with forced proximity and a fake relationship. HEA guaranteed. Links to free short, sample chapters of another book, and a bonus scene included for your reading enjoyment.