House of Blood and Whispers


Kidnapping Cahki might have been the worst mistake of Emperor Min’s life.
I was kidnapped and brought south across the seas to warm Emperor Min’s bed. I may be small, but inside of me live the strength and ferocity of a fjord dragon.
When the prince offers me a way back to freedom, I take it. Even if it means marrying him, a stranger and an enemy. I can always kill him if things go awry.
One thing is certain: I’ll be a slave to no one!
I’m the sole heir to the throne of the Southern Kingdom, the one thing that keeps me alive. Alive but not unharmed.
My father is a believer in ruling by fear, and that applies even to me. I have the scars to prove it.
The white-haired woman my father kidnapped could be the answer to all my prayers. As long as she doesn’t kill me first.
No matter what, I will free my people from my father’s cruelty or die trying.

A people who lives in fear. A court that hates its ruler. A cruel emperor with unsavory appetites and no morals.
When Prince Sung-jin and his new wife, Cahki set out to rescue the kingdom and its people, the odds are not on their side. But they are still willing to give it a try.
There are only two choices: win or die!