Kraulaak: A Lovecraftian Horror Story


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Jessica Martin has a nose for news. She may be a small-town girl who never left home, but the eager reporter has a popular blog that keeps her tiny New England village informed. So when their longtime librarian vanishes without a trace, the erstwhile journalist is determined to uncover the truth… especially with everyone whispering about sinister secrets.
Discovering every person who’s ever worked there was never heard from again, Jessica puts out a call for help to her readers to share their stories of the dark facility. But when one of her sources also disappears, the guilt-ridden scribe realizes the only way to crack her community’s conspiracy of silence is to venture into the haunted halls herself.
Will Jessica find answers at the reference desk, or is she doomed to be lost in the stacks for all time?
Kraulaak is the spine-chilling first book in the Frozen Wasteland series. If you like ominous settings, intensely scary scenes, and shocking twists, then you’ll love S.R. Marks’ menacing tale.
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