Live Your Truth: Take Back Your Life Bundle (3 Books in 1)


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Do you ever lay in bed at night, overwhelmed by negative thoughts spiraling through your mind? Are you ever unfairly made to feel responsible for others due to a lack of healthy boundaries in your relationships? Do you ever look in the mirror and dislike the person you see looking back at you?

It’s time to put an end to that!

The "Live Your Truth: Take Back Your Life" bundle has got you covered. This 3-book bundle is packed with unique insights, practical exercises, and powerful techniques to help you overcome debilitating negative thoughts, stop getting pushed around by setting healthy boundaries, and break free from self-imposed limitations by cultivating self-compassion.

Grounded in the latest psychological research and drawing on CBT, DBT, and ACT methods, Zera Young guides you through the maze inside your mind. By using shadow work, personal anecdotes, and posing strategic questions, this volume will teach you to tap into the root causes of everything that’s holding you back - and give you the tools to protect your mindset and make lasting changes!

Each of the three books features a unique take on how to start living your truth and taking back your life.

Reframing Negative Thinking will teach you how to identify and challenge negative thoughts. You will learn to eliminate negative self-talk and break free from the limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Negative thoughts are not your fault! But if you don’t learn to rewire your brain to use them in your favor, you can easily stay stuck.

Set Good Boundaries will help you discover the power of setting healthy boundaries in all your relationships in a way that leaves you feeling respected, valued, and worthy. By the end of this book, you will find yourself able to connect more deeply with the most important people in your life. Even better, you’ll say goodbye to the stress and anxiety of toxic relationships because you’ve learned to assert your needs without being selfish.

The Proven Path to Self-Compassion will show you the power of self-love in overcoming all the obstacles in your life. You will learn to be kind and understanding to yourself even in difficult times. This isn’t a feel-good book that just tells you to pat yourself on the back. Instead, it’s a practical, straightforward volume that forces you to recognize your strengths, accept the things you’re not great at, and discover the freedom of being unapologetically YOU.

In Live Your Truth: Take Back Your Life, you’ll discover:
✓ How to overcome negative thoughts and negative self-talk, no matter where it’s coming from
✓ 15 practical exercises to take control of your inner dialogue and cultivate a headspace that’s happier, more peaceful, and healthier
✓ Simple yet powerful meditation and mindfulness techniques for stress and anxiety relief
✓ How to put an end to toxic behavior, gaslighting, and being taken advantage of by manipulators
✓ 4 negative thinking traps you need to be aware of
✓ Assertiveness training based on breaking down codependency and people-pleasing habits
✓ How to gently set boundaries with overbearing but well-meaning friends and family WITHOUT feeling guilty
✓ Recognize the lies you tell yourself (and what you’re capable of when you break free!)
✓ Shadow work exercises that expose the root cause of your triggers, fears, and anxiety
✓ Come to terms with your inner demons (stop self-sabotaging and use that power in your favor)
✓ And so much more!

Don't wait any longer, and get your hands on the "Live Your Truth" bundle today!