Man Hunt, SEALs of Shadow Force, Spy Division, Book 1


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To protect a young boy, former SEAL Ryker Baptiste faked his own death. He made a promise to the boy’s mother, and he will move heaven and hell—even pretend to be dead—if that’s what it takes to keep the boy safe from his terrorist father.

Ryker’s former CIA handler Mia Shaine lost her job because of Ryker. Now she has one chance to stop the terrorist he failed to eliminate and secure her return to the Agency. But it will mean hunting down a dead man and convincing him to once more be her partner.

Their undercover operation forces the two to fake an intimate relationship that blurs the lines between their mission and their hearts. Will falling in love behind closed doors be the thing that saves them? Or will Mia discover Ryker is good at faking it, and their clandestine love affair has cost her everything?