Merry Scroog-mas


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Being nice is safe, and being naughty is overrated, but getting McScroogy to find the joy in Christmas is beginning to sound oh so merry.

Samantha Darling, Boston advertising executive, has spent her life making a list and checking it twice, but after her ex-fiancé left her at the altar, she's through being nice. One too many All Powerful Peppermintinis convinces Samantha to give naughty a try. She breaks into the shop in Redemption Massachusetts and puts her spin on the front window Christmas display. Only, the window doesn't belong to Stowe's Boutiques, it belongs to Snow's Antiques, and Nathan Snow is none too pleased. While he doesn’t like Christmas, he knows winning this contest will bring in business, so he makes her a deal. Create a winning display by Christmas Eve or go to jail.

Sleigh bells ring and snow is glistening, but being stuck in a winter wonderland with Scrooge McDunky is anything but happy tonight.

Amber Evans, Boston advertising executive, is the maid of honor in her best friend’s wedding and cocky retired NBA star Kip Covington, aka Scrooge McDunky, is the best man. A former college volleyball player, Amazon Amber is just as athletic and competitive as Caveman Kip. When Kip offers a free weekend at his couples’ ski resort for the bachelor and bachelorette parties, Amber has to agree since the bride and groom are thrilled. The wedding is just days away on Christmas Eve when disaster strikes and a blizzard hits, stranding them at the beautiful romantic lodge. Forced to call a truce, Amber and Kip work together to try to pull off a miracle.

Dashing through the hills, jingling bells, and laughing all the way is anything but fun with Scrooge MacGruff riding shotgun.

Boston advertising exec, Ellen Patterson, has always been a devilish elf, landing herself in trouble more times than not. She can't help taking in wounded strays and trying to fix them. When she meets Detective MacKenzie Johnson, aka Scrooge MacGruff, she tries to heal Mac's wounds, but he won't let anyone get close. Doing what she does best, she gets into as much trouble as possible so he can't ignore her. If all goes according to plan, she intends to ring in the New Year and make his spirit bright, but she underestimates the street smart, tough-as-nails cop and is stunned to discover she may have finally met her match.