Mingle All the Way


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Jade O’lette
The plan was simple.
Work hard and reduce expenses, until I paid off all my debt.
So easy.
Until I crashed into my neighbor’s car.
Yes, the hot guy I referred to as Mr. December.
Oddly, he was super sweet and even offered to fix my car.
Then I learned he had a small favor to ask of me.
All I had to do was pretend to be his fake date to one-up his nemesis cousin.
That should be easy, right?

Evan Gabbert
Sure, I was way too old to be living at my parents’ home, but I had my reasons.
It’s not like I had to explain it to anyone.
Until I was forced to have Christmas dinner with my not-so-nice cousin who recently got engaged.
There was no way I was going to show up to dinner without a date.
Problem: I didn’t know any available females.
I got so lucky when one crashed into my car.
Solution: She instantly became part of my plan.
It was perfect, until my heart started to race at Mach 200 speeds whenever she was near me.
Was fake dating supposed to have this much . . . chemistry?

Find out what happens when this fake dating couple team up for revenge.
Mingle All the Way is a fake date, sweet romantic comedy with a HEA