Mountain Men


Mountain Men is a collection of 4 steamy, short story romances that take place in Bachelor Bluff, Colorado.

My new neighbor kept to herself and that was exactly how I wanted it. As long as she stayed on her side, I would happily keep to mine. That had been the plan anyway, until I saw her and my entire future unfolded before my eyes. Could I convince the stubborn, nerdy beauty to give me a chance?

I was doing my best not to interfere with the city slicker who moved onto the other side of the mountain ridge. And my best involved making sure the property line was clearly fenced.

But I couldn’t pretend I didn’t hear her scream. And when I found her sitting in the dirt, I couldn’t pretend I wasn’t whole-heartedly attracted to her.
Was I going to be able to restrain myself long enough to get her to trust me? How would I know when the time was right to profess my love?

My new neighbor was the last person I wanted to see on my property. But naked…that was a different story.

Aside from her obvious beauty, there was something different about her. I wanted to know more, but every encounter ended up with her being embarrassed. I had to find a way to convince her I didn’t care about the awkwardness.

Then when she decided to believe the rumor mill, I worried she wasn’t the right woman for me. Would she give me a chance to explain?

I spent my life scouring the wilderness for hidden gems. The only certainty about my adventures was that I never knew when I'd stumble on something of true value. That's when I came across Bailey, the intriguing woman who'd run from the mountains as soon as she was old enough to live on her own. City life was the only way of life in her opinion.

Would a threat to her family be enough to make her move back home or would it serve as proof that rural living was something she wanted to keep in her past?

Barbra guarantees a dirty-sweet Happily Ever After with no cheating and no cliffhangers!