Murder is Delivered


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Would you rather eat school lunch alone, or be locked in with a killer?
Esther and Sophie didn't know there would be a multiple-choice test when they arrived at the ancient library of Oceanside High, or that the person with the answers would die when breakfast was served.

When the school board meets, the girls learn they are arguing about tearing down their beloved Victorian school and replacing it with a modern structure outside the Tsunami zone. But, before the board casts the final vote, two of Esther's friends become suspects in a murder investigation. To catch a killer and save their friends, Esther and Sophie join the board for a weekend retreat in a haunted house.

No one could have predicted how the vote would go, or that a storm that would trap the girls with a killer, while another breakfast was about to be served.

If you like Nancy Drew and Agatha Christie, you will love Esther and her best friend Sophie in, Murder is Delivered, Book #5 of the By The Sea Cozy Mystery Series.