My Bronc Riding Cowgirl


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The saying goes “anything you can do; I can do better.” In the case of Tori Foster, she may not do it better but she most certainly will do it.

Daughter of legendary saddle bronc rider, Justin Foster, Tori has big dreams she’s kept to herself and about to share what she’s capable of with the world. No good-looking cowboy is going to get in her way of reaching her goals and show what she’s made of.

Cord King is riding on high, top of his game for his rookie season as a saddle bronc rider. Media and female attention are plentiful until he arrives in Elk Field for their annual rodeo. Being the son of a legend as well as one in the making himself isn’t going to impress one feisty cowgirl who leaves him reeling after a verbal punch to the face. His spotlight is taken when Tori takes to the arena.

Can he overcome jealousy to see the talent Tori possesses?

Will Tori lose focus thanks to the distraction that is Cord?

Watch them compete in and out of the arena. Possibly, they could find something more than a championship buckle.