Necrotown: Mountain City Chronicles


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In a city full of monsters, Sam just wants to go a day without getting his neck snapped.

Low rent P.I. Sam Flint has spent the last few hundred years in The Glow, the worst neighborhood in Mountain City. He’s done with loan shark trolls, arms dealing werewolves, and drug fiend vampires and wants to disappear with his kitsune wife. Too bad that requires cold, hard cash.

When mogul Lloyd Burgess approaches Sam to find his daughter, Sam knows there’s potential for disaster. The last time Sam worked for Burgess he ended up on the wrong side of a werewolf pack, but Burgess has the one thing Sam needs, money.

Can Sam manage to survive one more job or will the slums of Necrotown leave him in the ground for good?

“Nader brings [Necrotown] to life with characters that jump off the page and track blood on your carpet.” (Simon Graeme, Author of Dark Lament.)