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Cam’s a dragon shifter with a secret. He prefers his own company to that of his pack’s, until one day he stumbles across a saucy Supe named Charlie. She’s hiking alone, and looks as lost as he feels – perhaps they could keep each other company.

Except Charlie’s got secrets of her own, and she’s not ready to share them with some too-handsome-to-be-real, shifty shifter. Cam might be good for a laugh, maybe a hot one-night stand… if she can let her guard down long enough to enjoy herself.

But the next day, right when Charlie’s about to cut him loose, their worlds collide in a twist of fate, forcing them to work together to save themselves – and each other. To do so, they’ll have to expose the parts they’ve kept hidden for far too long… or risk losing everything to the darkness surrounding them.

Nosedive is a standalone, fast burn paranormal romance.