Off-Limits Billionaire Boss


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Never date a billionaire twice your age. Especially if he’s your boss.

When Mr. McHottie offered me the job of a lifetime, I didn't expect my 401K to include long nights of passion.

I certainly didn't anticipate being lured by those deep blues, those strong six-pack abs, and that smile that melts my heart...

Everything about my attraction towards him is wrong.

He's still licking his wounds from his ex.

He's 18 years my senior.

And if this adventure doesn't work out, I'll be out of a job that I desperately need.

Despite everything, the way he glides his hands over my body tells me he's willing to take a chance...

I know dipping your pen in company ink never ends well.

But it's too late because I have a growing secret that will soon be impossible to hide...