One Bite Per Night


Vincent Tremayne, Lord Vampire of Cornwall, is known to English Society as the Earl of Deveril and reputed to be a mad recluse. Imagine his surprise when the Dowager Countess of Morley forces him to honor an old family alliance and take her unwanted granddaughter as his ward. The audacious demand goads Vincent into vowing that he’ll make a better match for his ward than Lady’s Morley’s preferred grandchild.

But when Lydia Price arrives and turns his castle upside-down with her vivacious nature, charming curiosity, and lofty goals to be a master painter, Vincent realizes that marrying her off is going to be harder than he thought. Especially when part of him wants her for himself.

Lydia is captivated by Lord Deveril’s striking looks and mysteriousness the moment she meets him that first stormy night. And by the first week, she’s fallen in love with his kindness and the electric chemistry she feels in his presence. She vows that the match she’ll make this London Season is with her own guardian, propriety be damned.
Lydia’s big gamble to win Vincent’s heart ends up with consequences that she never could have imagined, and threaten to not only break her heart, but could also cost Vincent his life.

Subgenres: regency romance, paranormal romance, vampire romance, gothic paranormal romance

Tropes: friends to lovers, forbidden romance, angsty, alpha hero, vampire hero, grumpy romance, broody hero, guardian ward romance, grumpy sunshine, age gap romance