One Gone-More Before Long


Davina Ravine isn’t looking for trouble. Not from the hot new detective who keeps falsely arresting her. Not from gossipy locals who whisper about her. And certainly not from her father, who repeatedly tries to kill her.

All Davina wants is to make enough money to keep her and her mentally unstable father afloat.

But when you’re an amateur psychic—living in a small town like Daybreak Falls—trouble follows you everywhere... Like when a teenage girl goes missing and the girl’s desperate parents beg you for help.

Despite her inability to control her visions, Davina focuses on the girl’s keepsakes scattered in front of her, closes her eyes, and searches her mind for clues.

Only, instead of seeing the teenager, Davina uncovers a connection to her own sister—who vanished fifteen years ago.

ONE GONE-MORE BEFORE LONG: Davina Ravine must unravel the truth behind her tragic childhood to stop a serial killer. Book one of Kaylie Hunter’s new crime thriller series.