Power’s Play


A year after his turn from unemployed jester to unexpected hero, Malfred Murd is no longer a Fool, royal or otherwise. He’s a newly minted nobleman— who can’t help plunging back into his own special brew of trouble. This time he’s taken on a task that’s outrageous even for him: becoming an undercover officer, out to bust the biggest crime boss in a vast and decadent city. Will it win him the attention of a certain maddeningly inaccessible Lady... or get him packed at the bottom of a barrel?

POWER'S PLAY is the second book in a series— but why not plunge right into the middle? You'll love Fred, Corvinalias, and the other characters from “Fool’s Proof”— plus meet a dazzling collection of new ones— on your journey through a world that blends equal parts comedy, crime novel and adventure. Heroic, horrific and hilarious!