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Nothing ever happens here—which is why everything happens here.

Found unconscious in the wake of a devastating storm, Prax Sadeh struggles to regain her footing - and her independence - as she recovers from her coma under the protective eye of her lovingly overbearing mother. She’s not surprised by the strict rules in place meant to help her; after all, her younger sister is practically a shut-in.

What does surprise her is the apparent side-effect from her head injury: the sudden and horrible ability to foresee a person’s imminent death.

The only one who seems to fully understand her struggle to maintain sanity is the local cemetery’s groundskeeper, who is none too pleased by Prax’s frequent visits to the one place her visions don’t plague her. Despite his irritable nature, Aidon Elrik knows a thing or two about seeking solitude and begrudgingly helps her gain some semblance of control over this newfound gift/curse.

When two little girls vanish from a very public place, authorities are stumped for leads and the community descends into panic as rumors fly and interpersonal tensions rise. It’s every mother’s waking nightmare, and Dr. Sadeh is determined to keep her daughters safe, even at the risk of straining her already tumultuous relationship with Prax.

But not even the sanctuary of the cemetery can prevent new visions from shoving Prax into the investigation and deep into the tangled web of the region’s darkest industry.