Pretending in Paradise


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Joel was the hottest guy at the singles’ table at my cousin’s wedding. Bonding over our messed-up love lives led to a whirlwind relationship that epically crashed and burned. A year later, he casually walks into the beach resort where I work, and I fall all over again—into a potted plant while I’m trying to hide.

I couldn’t bring myself to tell my religious family I got divorced after a month, but excuses about where my wife is are growing thin. Do I dare ask Lily to play along while we’re conveniently both here? My grandmother’s dying wish is to meet her and see us happy.

Except maybe she’s not dying…I’m so happy my grandmother is going to be okay, but now Lily and I are stuck playing a happily married couple. But how long can this go on?

This is a closed door romantic comedy with mild language.