Red Night

Book 1


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Spying on people is about as exciting as waiting for water to boil until private investigator Samantha Chase inadvertently spies on a mysterious vampire named Adam. Without warning, Samantha's life takes a thrilling yet terrifying turn.
Adam’s thought of nothing but revenge and justice. He’s hunted a notorious vampire across centuries for the sole purpose of destroying the one who stole everything from him. Then, Samantha literally stumbles into his path, and suddenly, Adam has a new reason to live. But Adam isn’t the only vampire to notice there is something special about Samantha Chase. When Adam’s nemesis recognizes a new way to torture Adam, he also sets his sights on Sam but for a frighteningly different reason.

♥ Intensely romantic and incredibly suspenseful, Red Night walks that fine line between caution and desire. This is a dangerous love story.