Nobody defied the Faerie Council…

…and so, she set out to catch him.

Was it the only way to get what she wanted?

At sixteen years old, Trisha had been through the system and survived, barely. When she landed in Dan and Nina’s care, everything changed. They weren’t like other humans. For the first time in her life, she felt safe.

Was this what love was like?

Still, she wasn’t ready to trust.

Her secret must be kept.

An escaped prisoner must be caught and the Faerie Council has demanded Trisha join the hunt. She doesn’t want to, but there isn’t any other choice. The stories of what they do to those who disobey orders chilled her to the bone.

There’s just one problem…

…the team she’s put on includes her ex.

And what he did to her was unforgivable.

You’ll love this action-packed YA Urban Fantasy because this heroine is strong in ways she doesn’t even know, and the quests will keep you turning the pages.