Reluctant Rogue


Naomi’d grown up in a family of rogue shifters… women who stalked men, seduced them, then after a night of passion, Changed to their animal form and ripped the man to shreds. She’d always been taught that she was destined to be a killer, that one day men would be mere prey for her. She was determined never to become a Rogue… even if she had to do something desperate.

Liam, a Great Pyrenees shapeshifter, is the new veterinarian at the Country Vet Clinic. When he’s called to a nearby zoo to care for an ill clouded leopard, he discovers she is, in fact, another shifter. Even more, she's the niece of Beatrice, the rogue who had terrorized the shifter women in the area for the last year. But Naomi doesn't seem like a rogue to Liam, and the shifters rally to her support, freeing her from the zoo and embracing her into the community.

Naomi loves her new life in the Hudson Valley at a lovely bed and breakfast, but she has to fight her growing feelings for Liam. He has absolute confidence in her, that she will never turn Rogue. But she is afraid to trust that. How can she give in to the magnetic attraction between them, when it could mean very Liam’s life?