Rogue Destiny: Beginnings


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The Chosen One has been assassinated.
Two of Rogue Destiny's greatest heroes are framed for the crime.

Ren B’gatti is a trickster by nature and a shape-shifter by trade. He’s happy playing sidekick to Claymore Ives, the charismatic leader of the Raconteurs, a band of adventurers who protect the countless worlds of the vast, untamed Mythic Cosmos. It’s an arrangement that works well for both of them. Claymore is the paragon of law and order. Ren is along for the mayhem and violence that follows the Raconteurs everywhere they go.

When a routine mission to break up a smuggling ring, selling magical artifacts, goes horribly wrong, the two are accused of an unspeakable atrocity. To protect the Raconteurs, Claymore surrenders himself to the authorities of Rogue Destiny. With his partner imprisoned and everyone in the city hunting him, Ren did what he always did. He ran.
Now Ren returns to Rogue Destiny to set things right. But to save his partner, he’ll have to fight his way through magical assassins, disgruntled gangsters, and a guardian dragon or two. Heads will roll, and blood will flow before the night is over.

Rogue Destiny is a pulp fantasy, steampunk, portal-hopping action adventure unlike anything you've ever read before. A character-driven, high-octane story, full of alternate worlds, dark creatures, with a Discworld meets Time Bandits vibe. Pick up the first book in this new fantasy series today.