Rough Riot

| Book 7


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Lisa Wenhold’s business partner stole everything. Her dreams of opening her own business are ripped away when she learns the debt he owes to a local motorcycle club now falls to her. With her brother being a member of a rival club, going to him would start a war between the two MCs. She thinks she has a solution, until a sexy biker with a surly disposition saunters into her life…

Rage has never met a woman as feisty, proud, and determined as Lisa. Nor has he ever fought this hard against such a fierce attraction. Even so, resistance is crucial considering she’s the sister to one of his biker brothers. He’s instructed to protect her, and he’ll honor his word. But things are getting harder by the day...

Falling into bed together is unexpected, in the best way imaginable.

Falling for one another absolutely cannot happen.

That’s doable, right?

Not a chance.