Sands of Ruin


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Harmen Travesci's reality is a facade, carefully constructed by his parents to shield him from the outside world. Yet, he yearns for freedom and a girl with captivating blue eyes and dark locks. The Guardians of the regime, enforcing the Chancellor's iron grip, annually select boys, and nobody wants to be chosen. As the regime's abductions increase, Harm decides to defy them, even if it comes at a great cost. Now, he's more determined than ever to end the Chancellor's reign and transform his world.
Imani, with her indomitable spirit, has spent the past five years aiding desert-dwellers in evading the clutches of the Guardian Regime. However, she guards a secret, and her life takes an unexpected turn when she rescues a boy from execution in Amondo. He was not part of her plan. Now, her secret endangers the person she loves the most, potentially delivering them into the Regime's hands and the gallows.