Sex and the Single Girl

An older man, younger woman with a past romance


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A swindler's daughter with secrets. A federal agent determined to uncover them. And a sizzling attraction that won't be denied! From USA Today bestselling author Joanne Rock.

Brianne Wolcott is ready to distance herself from her swindler stepfather when she reopens the South Beach nightclub he abandoned. As head of security for the new venture, it's her job to intercept troublemaking patrons. If only she could keep out Aidan Maddock, the too-hot FBI agent who is convinced she's hiding secrets. She is--but not the kind he imagines. Because Brianne has never shook the naughty crush she had on him when she was a teen.

Aidan needs to close his case against Bri's stepfather or he wouldn't venture back into the terrain of a woman who should have always been off-limits. Unfortunately, he recalls every distracting way Brianne once tried to tempt him. And those memories short-circuit his concentration even now. But Aidan knows trouble is coming for Bri and her nightclub, and he won't allow anything--even the off-the-charts heat-- to stop him from keeping her safe.

*An earlier draft of this book was published by Harlequin