Sex, Lies, & High School Principals


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What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but what happens in Tijuana follows you home. Sex, Lies, & High School Principals is a hilarious new comedy about decision making, accountability, and why you shouldn’t lie to your wife.

When AP, an assistant principal, grammar nerd, and novelty t-shirt aficionado, heads to San Diego for an educator’s conference, he plans on a weekend of professional networking. But when his best friend Coop, who works at the same high school and splits his time between teaching his students history and teaching his students how to win at Texas Hold ‘em, decides to tag along, the itinerary receives a slight tweak: Tijuana.

Ten hours and twelve tequila shots later the pair finds themselves in a by-the-hour motel above a strip club. It’s a night Coop never wants to forget but AP wishes he could.