Shamelessly Loyal


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I was born into this world. Power and wealth are the keys to controlling it, but they aren’t everything. They are a means to an end when it comes to protecting the people I care about.

I’ve known my destiny since I was old enough to sit at the table. Everything in my life has been focused on preparing me for the future. Know your enemies, your allies, and the people in the middle you can buy.

When he first appeared in my life, I had no idea who he was, but I never forgot his pretty face. While it’s been years and I barely recognize him, I can’t get enough. He doesn’t belong in my world and he has no idea how truly dangerous it is.

Turns out, I’ll do anything to save my best friend, cross any line, and destroy him if I have to…

SHAMELESSLY LOYAL was released previously as part of the Billionaires and Babes anthology for charity. While you do not have to read the 82nd Street Vandals to read this novella, it will enhance the experience. This novella takes place during books four and five. This novella serves as book one of six but all future books in the series are full-length and will include why choose with multiple new adults exploring and coming to terms with their evolving sexuality, identities, and relationships.

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