Single Dad Billionaire’s Nanny

A Single Dad Age Gap Romance


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Little did I know this huge mansion was home to the most arrogant yet attractive boss I’d ever meet.

An ad in a paper for a full-time nanny just changed the course of my life.

He’s a conceited silver fox with no respect for anyone other than himself, his way or the highway.

It’s an absolute shame that whenever we’re behind closed doors, my clothes seem to end up on the floor like magic.

Despite our ages, our chemistry is undeniable.

With his hands on my body, I just melt into him.

He wants me, and this boss always gets his way. Frankly, I just want to let him. I’m on fire whenever he is near me.

However, both of us with kids and exes could get a little messy.

Will he back down to his ex’s objections, or can we be that perfect match I never knew could happen?