Stars on Fire


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Kainan is a lethal, wraith-like warrior who lives in the twilight … he’s the hidden inferno amongst the stars.
He has spent decades waiting to exact revenge on his enemies who imprisoned him, tortured and experimented with his body and mind …

Selene leads a planet's rebellion, and when she reaches out to Kainan to help stop a war, he leaps on her cause as a chance to end his nemesis forever.

However … he finds that she is driven, smart, and unrelenting, with an allure that forces him from the shadows. She confounds him even as she fights the temptation glinting in his sapphire wildfire eyes.

War is stirring in the skies and stars above Eden II ... Between empires in ascension and realms in decline. Kainan and Selene find themselves caught up in the maelstrom.

Together, they’ll light the stars on fire, even as darkness beyond their control seeks to turn their destiny - and their forever - to ashes.